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From homework to eating, your kitchen is the central location of activity.  Because of this, it can be the most difficult renovation to endure. After all, we will be in your home’s “hub” for weeks, while you eat take-out (if you are not properly prepared).

A kitchen upgrade can certainly add value to your home and is a great investment. As with any change to your home, it is important to be prepared. Below you will find tips and timelines to consider when preparing to take on the task of a kitchen makeover.

Planning and Permits: While permits will generally take you 2-3 weeks to obtain, planning your project may take longer if you are not organized. For this reason we have many contacts, designers and in-house experts to help you conceptualize your vision. Be sure to include where you might set up your “temporary” kitchen to ensure you have space to prepare meals, plug in your fridge etc. for your convenience.

"One of the most difficult and rewarding renovations to go through!" -Corey Carlisle

Selections: Once you have made your selections (cabinets, flooring, tile, hardware finishes, lighting appliances etc.),  it is important to remember that some selections may take up to 6 or 8 weeks for delivery, depending on availability or custom ordering.

Demolition: Out with the old! Your demolition will take a few days barring you don't need a new footprint.

Electrical and Plumbing rough-in: Are you moving a sink or adding an island with a charging station? Are you adding new potlight locations for balanced lighting, or a pendant light for your eating area? These all need to be roughed in after your demolition.

Drywall: Drywalling is the first step in creating your new kitchen canvas. You will note that there is mudding and sanding dry times.

Flooring: There is so much to review when doing your floors including if they will be heated, tile, hardwood, vinyl, luxury vinyl etc. You will also need to evaluate colouring or patterns. Don't worry, we will help you sort it out!

Cabinet installation: This is one of the most visually exciting steps in your reno. The room is finally coming together! This should take about 3-5 days depending on how detailed your new cabinet selections and design are. Remember your hardware needs to be installed and a final inspection as well.

Countertop templating and install: Most people forget that generally speaking, you will be looking at 1-3 weeks for delivery and installation time.


Lighting: It’s time to shed some light on things! Next we install all your lights and test them, to ensure you have the balanced lighting you need.

Backsplash: You're almost there! Depending on your selections, your backsplash may change the whole look of your room. Granite, accent tiling, subway tiles, so much to choose from.

Appliances: It’s time to make your kitchen functional again. Our next visit is to install and check utility connections (gas, electric and HVAC).

Finish Carpentry: Almost done, now to complete crown moulding, baseboards, leveling out your appliances etc. 

Et voila, fini! Time to clean up, fill your cupboards and enjoy your space!

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