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Shower area tiling/wall systems: Are you looking for a custom or pre-fabricated shower area? Would you prefer a one-wall system or custom tile option? You may want to consider shelving, unique tile patterns, accent walls and niche areas for functionality and style.

Vanity installation: Although installation will only take 1 day, if you have chosen to order a flat surface counter that requires a custom order you may need to budget an additional 2-3 weeks for templating and arrival time.

Flooring: Traditionally, most home owners would use tile or vinyl in bathroom, ensuite and powder room areas. More recently, luxury vinyl options have been trending. There are many colours and styles to consider.

Paint: From accent walls to baseboards, colour schemes are important. Poor selections may result in re-painting or enclosing your space, while well thought out selections can result in a very welcoming area. Your paint should compliment your space.

Finishes, fixtures and faucet connections: This final step is an exciting one and requires careful planning to tie your areas together and ensure the functionality of your space. You will want to decide on bronze, chrome, brushed nickel and brass. 

It's done! You have a beautiful new space to enjoy! Remember that some of these steps are done simultaneously, while others require drying, ordering or wait times that you will want accommodate or plan for. The more you customize your selections, the more you will love your space when we are finished!

There are many aspects to consider for your makeover of these rooms. The size, style of selections and custom orders all play a factor in your timelines. 

To help you understand what is involved in achieving your desired space, below are some key points to consider or you can print a checklist here.


Order selections: Once your plan is in place, it may take up to 4-6 weeks for your selections depending on how customized your design is. 

Demolition: Some contractors will start demolition while ordering selections if another bathroom is available for use. This strategy can make your renovation feel longer. For this reason, we typically wait until all selections have arrived to minimize the time we monopolize your space.

Plumbing and electrical: There are many aspects of plumbing and electrical to consider. Just a few items to consider are: adding switch plugs, relocating or adding items such as "his and hers" sinks, or even adding heated floors or exhaust fan timers.

Insulation, drywall and mudding: Although insulation can be added quickly, the dry time and process for mudding will take a few days.

Bathrooms, Powder Rooms and Ensuites

“Singhko has done several renovations for us over the past number of years.  The Singhko team is always focused on quality and meticulous workmanship along with being courteous and respectful to their clients.  Their clear quoting practices makes it easy to understand each and every aspect of the project.”

                         -The Miller's

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