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Aging-in-place doesn't need to translate to "aging-without-style", especially these days. Gone are the days of age equating to someone having to move to a "old age" home. There are many items to consider when taking age into consideration. Having a home that is easy to navigate while comfortable and safe, is in fact possible. Actually, you can have all that and maintain a sense of style as well! 

So what do you consider when preparing to renovate for your stay? We won't tell you it's easy as there is a lot to consider. We are happy to help you through the process. Once you have accepted that we are all aging, here are some general points we are often asked about in our home visits.

  • Accessibility: Are your hallways and doorways wide enough to navigate with a cane, walker and wheelchair? Have you minimized transitions from room to room to avoid tripping hazards? 

  • Bathrooms: Some options to consider here are a walk-in shower with bench seating, grab bars that double as soap dishes, towel rods, toilet paper holders, faucet accent rings...the possibilities are endless! Don't forget about extra lighting, levered handles for the faucet, lowered vanities for access and raised toilets for easier use.

  • Kitchen: There is much to consider here from clearance space, appliance locations and increasing drawer space (reducing hard to access cabinet spaces). Don't forget slip resistant flooring and rounded edges (in case of falling). Finally, may want to consider a shallow depth sink, door pulls and levered faucet here as well.

  • Bedroom: Grab bars, closet space, closet and bedroom lighting as well as doorways and lever handles, are all considerations to keep in mind in your bedroom space.

  • Stairs: While one story homes are the most ideal for aging, knowing we know this isn't always the case. Consider lighting, non slip surface for the stairs and grab rails on both sides of the wall for balance.

  • Flooring: Common areas to bedroom and bathrooms, remember to choose non-slip flooring options. We can help recommend flooring options based on your taste and style.

  • Lighting: Non-glare lighting in all areas of your home are important to avoid accidents. Consider automatic timers and motion detect lighting to help you navigate closets and hallways etc.  

  • Elevators and Ramps: With an aging population, home elevators and ramps are becoming more popular. Not just for wheelchair access but ease of navigating through ones home with bags, groceries or to avoid using stairs with certain health conditions.

There are so many more areas to consider. If you don't see what you are looking for, we are always available to come take a look and help you plan your forever home!

Aging-In-Place...With Style!
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